Specialized Topics in Areas of Radiologic Sciences - Clinical Modules/Competency in Ohio
Specialized Topics in Areas of Radiologic Sciences
Specialized Topics in Areas of Radiologic Sciences
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Due to the initial and ongoing Covid-19 and other infectious diseases, we are NO longer providing clinical education due to the requirement for in person demonstrations and other course content. I will edit this tab when, and if, we institute clinical education in the future. Please feel free to contact other clinical educators by printing a listing from the Ohio Department of Health's Radiologic Licensure web site or calling the department at 614 752 - 4319 Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. to speak to a representative. Thank you for your co-operation.

Ohio Department of Health approved Clinical Competency Modules
for Podiatric, Spine/Chiropractic, Chest & Abdomen, Extremities, and the Skull, Facial Bones & Sinuses
by experienced medical radiography educators!

Please consider these features for BOTH non-licensed employees who will be applying for a license and licensed employees who want to upgrade to digital imaging in the future:

Demonstrations and simulations with your equipment with personal attention to your employees
Flexible schedule on weekdays or weekends to meet your practice needs
Class size is small with a maximum of 6 participants for better 1 on 1 supervision each day. An additional day(s) may be needed to accommodate larger group membership and/or completion of multiple modules
No additional fees are needed for site demonstrations!
If more than one day is required, the practice will need to pay and make arrangements for a non-smoking hotel room in a safe & convenient neighborhood close to the practice.
The length of each module for the day varies depending on the number of participants and their status as licensed vs non-licensed. Licensed gxmos finish quickly due to their familiarity with positioning concepts.
Licensed gxmos get continuing education hours for their biennium and have upgraded their license to perform digital imaging examinations.
Non-licensed employees are required to complete the clinical module and successfully pass the state examination to acquire a gxmo license in the future.
Please call the STARS office at 419 471-1973 for further details and a reservation.
No travel and/or accommodations needed for your employees;
Approved continuing education credit for licensed employees who can apply it to their biennium requirement while upgrading their license for digital imaging i.e. Podiatric, Spine/Chiropractic and Chest & Abdomen = 8 CE credits, Extremities = 12 CE credits, and the Skull, Facial Bones & Sinuses for 8 ce credits. Instead of listening to a repetitive lecture, they get hands on clinical training credits for the 12 hours required in the biennium while upgrading to digital imaging! &
Image evaluation on site.

I have professional associate medical radiography educators who will be assisting me in both the academic and clinical course offerings to provide flexible schedule opportunities.

*A self/distance learning course for non-licensed applicants is listed on the GXMO Training tab on the home page of this web site. They no longer have to attend in person presentations.

*A wide variety of self/distance learning products for continuing education for licensed personnel are listed on the GXMO/LSO CE Order Form tab on the home page of this web site. Licensed GXMOs do NOT have to attend in person presentations any longer unless they so choose. Now licensed GXMOs can mix and match a huge variety of topics and CE credits to meet or exceed the 12 CE credits needed for their license renewal.

Please feel free to call me at 419 471-1973 or email me at info@xrayhomestudies.com if you would like further details about scheduling one or more of our S.T.A.R.S. programs in clinical training of gxmos!! The course syllabus is enclosed for your review.

Course Syllabus for All Clinical Modules provided by S.T.A.R.S Instructors

Length of Program: 8 hours for Podiatric, Spine & Chest & Abdomen Modules
12 hours for Extremity Module
8 hours for Skull, Facial Bones & Sinuses Modules

Program Objectives: All modules will be taught as listed in Section 3701-72-03 of the Ohio Administrative Code with a copy provided to each student participating in a specific module(s).

Instructional Techniques or Strategies will include, but not limited to, the following:

Hands on demonstrations & explanation of all routine & specific views on site by the instructor;
Simulation, practice & critique of all required views in the clinical module by each student;
Review of radiographic anatomy, correctness of execution of view & exposure factors
Review of physical equipment use and demonstration to achieve optimum images;
Review of specific contents of DVD for the didactic program, where applicable; and
Positioning textbooks and/or excerpted positioning handouts.
Hard copy handouts of standard terminology for positioning & equipment
Explanation & verification of related patient issues i.e.: correct patient, exam & views
Explanation of the procedure, breathing instructions and specific views
Importance of clinical history, obtaining previous exams and related medical concerns
Describing exposure modifications to accommodate pathology, body habitus and physical limitations in obtaining a specific view
Discussion of radiation protection i.e. cardinal principles, ALARA, collimation, value of immobilization & status of pregnancy, in addition to patient concerns/questions
Discussion of communication and mobility issues for patients with and without physical and/or mental challenges
Utilization of patient measurement, selecting exposure factors
Correct identification of image identification labels
Principles in processing & quality control for both a conventional film-screen and digital image and
Basic image critique for diagnostic quality

A Certificate of Completion will be distributed with the successful completion of the program.

Clinical Competency Registration Form

Module requested:
Spine/Chiropractic $175/person Podiatric $150/per person
Chest & Abdomen $175/per person     Extremities $225/per person
Skull, Facial Bones & Sinuses $175/per person      

Date of desired module: (ex.: 05/07/10)

Professional Status:   Licensed GXMO     Non-Licensed in Training

Clinical Experience in:   Film-Screen Equipment     Digital Equipment
  Both     None

Enclose check or money order for each module and mail to:

S.T.A.R.S. P.O. Box 2931 Toledo, Ohio 43606

Don't forget:

Non-licensed applicants/employees can use the GXMO Training tab for a self/learning (home study) course.

Licensed gxmos can use the GXMO/LSO CE Order Form tab for a self/learning (home study) course.

Please share our S.T.A.R.S. educational services with others. Thank you very much!

City:   State:  Zip:
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
S. S. No. for the certificate: (optional)

A confirmation letter will be sent to you with further details.

*No refund will be provided for cancelled orders or incompletion of a self-learning/ home study product.